COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates
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Global Awareness

At Wind & Tide, we believe it is important that our students leave Wind & Tide feeling both empowered and responsible to care for our world and others. Woven into the fibre of Wind & Tide's curriculum, our students have the opportunity to focus on two distinct areas of global concern: environmental and humanitarian.

Environmental: This is covered largely through our science programs: Beginner's Biology in our Three-Year-Old Preschool program and World of Wonders in our Four-Year-Old Preschool and Junior Kindergarten programs. Our science curriculum and themes teach our students to recognize and appreciate the wonderful world that God has carefully and marvellously created, and that we all have an important role to play in respecting and maintaining it's beauty and balance.

Humanitarian: Wind & Tide's Going for Goodness program provides our students with the opportunity to intrinsically learn the importance of caring for others - not only their family and peers, but also those living in their community and across the world. This curriculum was designed to provide age-appropriate, teachable moments within the classroom that demonstrate to our students the importance of caring for one another.

We believe that true joy comes from freely giving to others, and is something that can be realized at an early age. To extend our humanitarian efforts beyond the walls of our classrooms, Wind & Tide is proud to have solidified strong partnerships with Union Gospel Mission and WE Charity (formerly Free the Children), which provide our students with unique opportunities to care for others across our world.

We are proud to provide meaningful experiences that will help shape our students into becoming the actively committed, compassionate and global giving citizens they aspire to be.