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Philosophy Overview

Early childhood is a particularly important period in child development. This is the time when your child learns social skills, develops concepts, and forms values and attitudes which last her/him a lifetime.

At Wind and Tide, we recognize each child as a unique individual with her/his own special capabilities. Our environment is warm, accepting and designed to promote self-confidence, optimum growth and development. We give each child as much personal attention as possible while at the same time promoting a feeling of group belonging.

Our 3 Child Centred Goals

Social Learning

We all need friends. Whether introvert or extrovert, quiet or gregarious, confidence with people goes a long way in helping us feel secure, accepted and loved. Preschool years are the key developmental period for social learning.

Taught spontaneously throughout each class, and intentionally through our Going for Goodness program, Wind and Tide staff nurture children into advanced social thoughts and behaviours. Our program teaches children to:

  • identify and express their own personal feelings
  • identify an appropriately respond to the feelings of others
  • enter play situations successfully
  • resolve conflicts without always needing the assistance of an adult
  • believe they can and should be friends with everybody

Academic Development

We recognize that over the years Wind and Tide has become known as a very academic preschool. Although this is not our primary goal, all of our programs have a very strong academic component. Over the years, we've found that the majority of the children who attend Wind and Tide come from strong, loving families where they've been treated with kindness and respect. Because of these nurturing family environments, the social aspects of the program come together quite quickly and therefore allow us to provide a sound academic component.

The philosophy behind our academics is guided by our desire for children to come to see learning as a very fun, creative hands-on experience in which they discover success.

Our academic curriculum is broken down into six areas; reading, math, science, social studies, art, music and dance. Each of these curriculum areas has its own set of goals and each area is reviewed in detail at the parent evening at the beginning of the school year, or on the Parent Information DVD given upon registration. For a brief summary, please see our curriculum

At the end of the four-year-old year, many of the Wind and Tide children leave being able to read and write, add and subtract, tell you the difference between Monet and Van Gogh paintings and describe the life cycle of a butterfly. However, the accomplishment of specific skills and the acquisition of factual knowledge is not the hallmark of success in the program. We consider ourselves successful when we have motivated each child to be challenged and excited about learning.

Global Awareness

Our deepest joy arises from giving. At times, the culture around us suggests that 'getting' is better than 'giving' or being popular better than seeking out and caring for those in need. We can all get off-track so easily. The staff at Wind and Tide consider it our privilege to help start students on a path toward altruistic living. Environmental and Humanitarian causes are easily accessible to children when experienced first-hand. We are never to young to make a difference!

  • Environmental Awareness - Our Beginner's Biology and World of Wonders science curriculums beautifully and enthusiastically deliver deep life enhancing knowledge of the world and our important role as human beings.
  • Global Awareness - Our Going for Goodness curriculum provides a wonderful base for significant understanding in caring for others. Theoretical learning only goes so far. Throughout your years at Wind and Tide expect many amazing opportunities for your child to tangibly and practically experience the blessing of giving; giving within your family, within their classroom, within our community and within our world.
  • The following two projects are examples of the 'hands-on' way we experience and discover joyful giving each year.

    Wind and Tide Dance-A-Thon

    In response to the South East Asia tsunami in 2004, Wind and Tide was moved to make a difference and we held our first annual Dance-a-thon. That first year we raised over $17,000 to help families rebuild their lives. Since the very first Dance-a-thon, we have helped build and furnish a school, provided life-saving medical care for children under five and their families, strengthened the capacity of communities to implement programs to address malnutrition, and seen children and families lifted out of the pit of extreme poverty and given the tools to sustain these changes. Last year, families of Wind and Tide once again raised over $70,000 to help change the world. It is exciting to watch this annual event continually grow and exceed all expectations!

    Due to the significant amount of money now raised annually, Wind and Tide has joined in partnership with Free The Children. An international charity and educational partner, Free The Children believes in a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.

    Wind & Tide has Adopting a Village in the Kono District, Sierra Leone. Funds raised will:

    1. Give communities the knowledge, skills, tools and resources to combat poverty for themselves and their children, now and in the future.
    2. Work with war-affected communities to give children a safe space to be kids, to gain an education and to heal.

    At the beginning of February, your child will bring home a letter along with a donation envelope explaining how your family can get involved with this project. Participation in this project is completely optional. If you choose not to participate as a family, your child will still feel that they are participating as a member of the class.

    In the middle of February, all Wind and Tide students will spend a day dancing in their classrooms. Leading up to that day, the teachers will explain to the students how their day of dancing will make a difference in the lives of many children and families in Sierra Leone. Families are encouraged to join us on our dance-a-thon day, but you must be warned that dancing is NOT optional!!

    If you would like to learn more about Free the Children, visit their website at

    Union Gospel Mission Toy Drive

    In 2007 we began partnering with Union Gospel Mission to supply toys to needy children in the Lower Mainland at Christmas time. These toys are added to hampers that the Union Gospel Mission distributes to hundreds of families each year. In every year, the response from Wind and Tide families has been overwhelming. Last year, Wind and Tide families collected over 1600 unwrapped gifts and gift cards. And as with every other year, the families who received those gifts were deeply appreciative for the assistance to make Christmas a special time for their children.

    This year, 2012, we thought all the families who participate in this exchange might appreciate a more personal connection. The staff at the Union Gospel Mission are working with numerous families across the lower mainland, seeking to help them move out of poverty into a more stable economic situation. As part of this ongoing relationship, they have put together a specific need and wish list for over fifty families. This Christmas, we would like to help meet some of those needs and perhaps make a few wishes come true.

    Please note that your participation in this project is completely optional. If you choose not to participate as a family, your child will still feel that they are participating as a member of the class.

    More information on these Christmas Families can be found posted at each location and in the newsletter sent to each Wind and Tide family.

    For more information about Union Gospel Mission, visit