COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates
Wind & Tide is using email as its primary method of communication to families and staff regarding developments in response to COVID-19.
Copies of any updates or health bulletins are available on your Parent Portal account in the Documents Library.


wind and tide \wind and tid\n.

1a - where every child deserves rich, life enhancing knowledge

2a - knowledge abounds in environments of joyful, intentional playfulness

3a - intentional playfulness is directed best by adults who never underestimate the ability of a child

The preschool years are a particularly important period in child development. We want every child to experience early success in learning and feel excited to learn and explore. We also want to prepare children for their experiences in Kindergarten. Over our 25 years, we have developed an extensive array of curriculum modules that cover six main curriculum areas: early reading skills, math and reasoning, science, social studies, art and music/dance. These curriculum modules are presented in a fun, engaging, child-friendly manner that is unique to Wind and Tide.

We have also produced four original music CD's that correspond to the curriculum taught in our classroom. Families are welcome (but not required) to purchase these CD's from their classroom at the beginning of each school year.