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Junior Kindergarten

Would you and your child benefit from five day per week preschool? Several of our Wind & Tide Campuses now offer half or full day preschool programming in alignment with elementary school hours. We are excited to include these new classes and invite you to explore our newest preschool option.

Half Day Jr. Kindergarten
Monday thru Friday / Mornings OR Afternoons

View Locations offering Junior Kindergarten - Half Day

Full Day Jr. Kindergarten
Monday thru Friday / 9:00 am to 3:00pm

View Locations offering Junior Kindergarten - Full Day

Jr. Kindergarten includes all the key curriculum components of Wind & Tide's four year old programming: Fun Family Phonics , World of Wonders and All About Art. The expanded class time allows for enhanced learning and expansion of social development and rational thought. Jr. Kindergarten also includes Wind & Tide's Kickstart program, which is typically offered as a separate after school Development Program.

Children MUST be four years of age at DEC 31st of the school year to register for this program.

5 Day/Week 4 Year Old Preschool in South Surrey

Located in White Rock, Mountain View is a sister school to Wind & Tide providing a similar 5 Day/Week 4 Year Old Preschool (Junior Kindergarten), as well as Transitional Half-Day Jr Kindergarten classes.

Mountain View is excited to introduce three new Jr Kindergarten options which combine outstanding 5 Day/Week Morning Preschool with Afternoon MVP Clubs taught by teachers, Eleanor Mortimer (certified Dance instructor) and Angie Lubinich (certified soccer coach).

BRIDGE 1: A gradually transitioning class where students attend 9:00-11:30 from September-December, 9:00-1:00 from January-March and 9:00-3:00 from April-June.

BRIDGE 2: A quick transition to Full Day classes with students attending 9:00-11:30 in September only and 9:00-3:00 from October-June.

BRIDGE 2 PLUS: A great option for working families, Bridge 2 Plus provides Full Day Preschool with the flexibility of extended pick-up hours.

Note: Mountain View operates as a separate business with it's own registration process. For more information on Mountain View Preschool click here.