COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates
Wind & Tide is using email as its primary method of communication to families and staff regarding developments in response to COVID-19.
Copies of any updates or health bulletins are available on your Parent Portal account in the Documents Library.

Family 360 Podcast

We are excited to share that Wind & Tide's Founding Director, Rachel Cram, along with Roy Salmond, music composer and producer of Wind & Tide curriculum music have created Family 360 Podcast.

For over a decade, Wind & Tide offered Family Life Workshops featuring highly-regarded guest speakers and experts for parents, educators, and staff, as a means to provide practical, insightful and informative workshops to explore key topics ranging from child development, attachment and socialization, toparenting, marriage and family life. While traditional workshops met the needs of families for many years, the time came to explore something new.

Launching in January 2020, Family 360 Podcast is dedicated to exploring family life together by providing rich, enlightening conversations with well-respected experts, artists and story-tellers. With new episodes published every two weeks, families can now listen at any time and from anywhere. Join Rachel Cram & experience Family 360 Podcast today!

Family 360 Pilot Episode Now Available!

Family 360 Podcast is independent of Wind & Tide Preschool Ltd. and is a suggested informational resource designed for parents, families, and educators.